New in 2016

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Navi-Trac Lite Frame Tents

Available in sizes ranging from 30' X 30' to as large as 30' X 90', our Navi-Trac Lite frame tents are perfect for anywhere from 90-270 people and can set up with additional sidewalls.

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Party Dome

The Party Dome is a must have for promotional events or when you want to bring some attention to an area. It can be used with or without the Velcro walls which can make the inside dark during the middle of the day.

The dome measures 55 feet wide on the outside and approx 12 foot tall on the inside. It is large enough to act as a portable dance club with a DJ, speakers and light bars inside and great for any event.

The Party Dome is power by 120 Volt Fan that inflates the dome and can easily be powered by a 4,500 watt portable generator if there are no power outlets nearby.

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Bistro Lighting

The Bistro Lighting is the perfect lighting option to help set the mood for any event.

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Chandeliers are the perfect accessory to help make your wedding even more memorable. We offer chandeliers in white, red, and blue.

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PA Systems

Our new PA systems work with Bluetooth to allow you to move throughout your party with no worries about tripping over your cord. Perfect for making toasts at a wedding or graduation party.

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Our fencing is available to keep your event protected. Our most common use for our fencing is with the rental of our beer tents.

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